July 16th, 2016


New Work for Worldcon Etc.

I just finished an abstract wax for a turquoise and brown Turkish collawood cabochon that also will be set with a few turquoise and cinnamon diamonds.

And a somewhat lacy patterned silver design with a small lovely watermelon tourmaline is cast, and now I need to polish it.

For a necklace with antique Chinese beads among other elements, I've just finished polishing some dark bronze beads (with a little iridescence) with a papyrus pattern. This is the second time I've created this iridescence in bronze so I'm a little more confident of being able to duplicate it.

I'm also finishing a wax for a brilliant stone with big flashes of copper ore that will have a dark bronze setting. It's a large very flamboyant looking design.

I'm workiing very hard getting work ready for Worldcon.

Photo is of a sterling pendant set with fordite and an art deco pink synthetic spinel. These spinels are the only time I have made an exception for synthtics. They came from someones grandfather who had been a jeweler in the 1930's and are very special.

Size is about 2.5 inches.  From the collection of Nancy Cobb.