August 13th, 2015


Memory Landscape Panel at Worldcon

I'm excited about having my Memory Landscapes panel at Worldcon.  It's my new work in progress and it's really expanding my art both conceptually and aesthetically. I'm delighted that Eileen Gunn and Brenda Clough will be on the panel.
So far I've done the panel three times.  The conversations with the audience and the panelists about time, memory, and our lives and work have been intensely good for developing the art.  And it feels like it has been rewarding for the participants.

Memory Landscapes

Friday 12:00 - 12:45, 302AB (CC)

Photographer Laurie Toby Edison is working on a new digital project called Memory Landscapes, a feminist visual memoir. Memory is a form of time travel through your own time line.  A visual memoir takes you into the artist's time line and lets you choose your paths through their lives. 

Laurie says, "I started thinking about memory, and how what is remarkable is not how much we forget, but how much we remember. My memories are not linear because, as Penelope Lively observed,
'Inside the head everything happens at once.' Linear narrative is a useful construct, but it's not how we actually remember.  I want to re-engage with the memories of my life, to create an autobiographical visual memoir, to express the poetics of non-linear time. Memories are filtered, by who we are now, who we were then, and what has happened in between. We view our past through layers of memories, and the past is everything that happened except this moment. It will eventually be an IPad app that creates an aesthetic of memory."

During the panel, we will look at some of Laurie's work in progress, and discuss the ways panelists and audience re-engage with memories of our own lives.

Panelists: Laurie Toby Edison, Eileen Gunn, Brenda Clough