April 3rd, 2014


Jelly Fish and China Exhibition

(cross-posted on dreamwidth as laurieopal)

My photograph for the Chinese exhibition in Shenyang arrived there!!  So I can relax about that.  I'll be writing a post about it soon.  It opens on April 15th.

If you read Body Impolitic the site is back up.  It was down most of last week becasue of a malware attack but thanks to our webmaster things are back to normal. Deb just put up a great links post

I've been carving waxes intensely and the pearl dragonfly and several other pieces are cast.  Next is polishing and setting.  It's great to be settling in to do lots of design work.

Photo is of a boulder opal jelly fish that was made for Elyse Seigle.  The idea of using this opal for a jelly fish was hers.  As soon as she suggested it I realized how perfect it was and was rather shocked that it had not occurred to me. There is a very delicate ruby floating on the jelly fish tentacle.  It's silver and about 1.5"

On another note my cat George explored the garden for the first time.  Carefully, tentatively and with great joy.