December 9th, 2012


Personal Design

This is a peridot and tenerite. I designed it for the collection of Marsha Jones. It's the very first stone like this that I've worked with and I made a design that for me reflected the character of the stone.

I've been meaning to put this photo up for a while but I got involved in writing about designs I was working on now. And this was finished for the Chicago Worldcon so I could bring it to Marsha there. It looked perfect on her. When I'm doing commission work it never feels quite finished to me until I see the person wearing the piece. It's very personal work.

I've been doing the preliminary polishing on several new pieces tonight, including the kuroit opal and beautiful tear drop microcrystalline lightening ridge opal. I've previously done the preliminary polishing on the very detailed gold Irish setter ring and it's looking fabulous. Making something that is both very real and sits as a good abstract design on the hand can be a real challenge.

Also had a lovely first night of Chanukah with my family on Saturday. Tomorrow I'm planning to do some more polishing and also do some work on the waxes for square cut ruby earrings.