October 25th, 2012


Big Octopus, Small Dragon

I've been working on waxes tonight.  I've been making a very small detailed dragon in silver wrapped around a stone.  I carved the last details tonight.  I'll probably wait a bit before I cast it.  I like to give work a final look.  And usually when I do, I'll do a little more work before I decide I'm done.

The big octopus I'm working on right now is part of a large (3.5" wide) bronze pendant .  It's tentacles are holding a large natural garnet crystal on one side. These are round and have irregular facets.  This one also has a lovely iridescence.  The other side has a flowing seaweed.  The octopus is working out to be very individual and vivid.  I had originally envisioned the stone being held by an octopus on each side but when I carved this one it was much more powerful by itself.  I an always very interested in cephalopods and I've been looking at lots of octopus photographs while working on this piece. And varied as they are, they seem to have a very characteristic movement.

It's late.  good night. 

Mood: Undersea