October 18th, 2012


Amazing Venetian Glass

I've been looking at the handmade Venetian glass pieces that I'm making into pendants for my friend Tracy.

She bought the first one a couple of years ago in a shop in Guerneville in Northern California.  She was told it was made by an American glass artist Amy West, who was studying in Venice with a master glass worker. 

Then Tracy was in Venice this summer, walking around and looking for (and not finding) fine glass art.  She was walking on side streets in isle of Murano and found a gallery with beautiful work by the bridge. It turned out to be Amy West's gallery and she was there to talk about her work.  It involves cutting, marking, and carving into the glass surface, and she adds texture and depth to each piece.  I need to learn more about the techniques and will post about it when I do. 

The glass pieces are between 1.5 and 3 inches and resemble beautiful stones.  They have depth and complexity and remind me of the chatoyant and opalescent stones that I love.  And yes there will be photos once I sort out my inability to post them.

I'm excited about working with them but they are going to represent a special challenge.  When you are working with stones, the artistry of the lapidary in an important part of the process, but they are usually working to express what is in the stone.  These glass pieces are totally the artist's creation.  The process of working with them feels like it will be collaborative in a very different way.  It's going to be new and exciting and I expect to learn a lot.

Mood: contemplative