October 16th, 2012


Korean Exhibiton: Woman + Body

I'm finally back to something like my normal working habits.  All of the work for Worldcon will be out in the mail by tomorrow.  It feels really good to have it finished.

I have three photographs in a marvelous international exhibition in Korea, Woman + Body, sponsored by the Women's Caucus of the Arts.  It was the shared idea sculptor Sherri Cornett who chairs their international caucus and independent curator, artist and university lecturer Hye-Seong Lee, of Gwangju University

The show explores a range of sexual identification — female, transgender, and male — with a contemporary 21st century view.
It includes three of my photos – of Kellen McCracken and Jerry McCracken (before and after transition) from Women En Large and Familiar Men, and my photograph of transwoman Marlene Hoeber.

The exhibition is at Kepco Plaza Gallery Museum in Seoul, South Korea, October 13-19, 2012 and then at the Gwangju Cultural Foundation’s MediaCube 338 in Gwangju, South Korea, October 23- November 6, 2012.

Sherri Cornett emailed me from Korea;

First and foremost, Hye-Seong has pulled together a beautiful exhibition. I want to tell you all how privileged we are to be in this show with some amazing Korean artists – young and older. The three foremost feminist artists in Seoul have pieces in this exhibition. They are warm, inspiring and encouraging women: Yun Suknam, Park Youngsook, and Jung Jungyeob. The space at Kepco is large and gives breathing space between the works.

…I want you to know that the opening was attended by the head of the Korean-American Feminist Literary Association, the head of the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, the head of the Seoul City Museum – all women and all had encouraging and congratulatory comments. I enjoyed watching the reactions of the visitors and listening to all of the excited chatter (and wishing I could understand Korean!) …Heading home later today feeling embraced by women artists here, full of good food and stimulated by seeing inspiring art in our exhibition and in galleries around the city.

My photos in the exhibition and Sherri's photographs of the Museum and some of the show set up in the beautiful interior space are on my post in Body Impolitic. Since right now i can't put up photos on LJ.

It's one of my major frustration right now. And clearly I'm not the only one with the problem.  I have some photos of new work I would love to put up.  Now that life is approaching normal I'll be doing something about this.

It's getting to be the end of my evening so goodnight.

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