August 5th, 2012


Worldcon and Transformation

I actually wrote this a couple of days ago and then got involved in transforming part my studio with much help from my daughter Cid and her partner David.  It was a lot of work and it looks fabulous.  BTW Cid will be at Worldcon.

I got so involved with working on the studio, I forgot to post this:

"The gold tiny car earring cast perfectly.  You can see the facial expression. I'm very happy.  Still needs to be polished and have the sapphire set.  But for something with this much fine small detail, the quality of the casting was crucial.

"The "prehistoric cave" pendant is polished and the quality of very fine line drawings look excellent.  They are designed to have the  feel of deep time and so are not supposed to be perfect.

There is a lot of other new work, some cast and polished and some in earlier phases.  I've been working very hard.

I'm currently working on finishing the last waxes for Worldcon.  They will be made in electrum.  Historically it's is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and  silver with trace amounts of copper and other metal.  Percentages of metal varied.  The word electrum is a latinized version of a Greek work.  I made the first electrum  designing I'd done in many years - electrum and diamond earring for Simron.  My electrum is half 14kt gold and half sterling silver.  So it becomes technically 7 kt gold.  It has a lovely soft "moon" gold quality.

Back to work now.