July 17th, 2012


Very, Very Small Sapphire Cat

The cat stud I wrote about is finished in wax.  I did the prongs today. When something is that small, adding prongs is very precise. The whole earring is 5-6 mm.  And inevitable when making the prongs, I then need to redo small parts of it. Anyway, it's finished and I'll cast it next week.   I think it's the most detailed very small work I've done.

On a larger size I've just finished a rough lace pendant with a 2.5 inch chatoyant malachite with druze crystals.  It's a stunning stone that I've had for a while and just realized recently how I wanted to design the pendant.  I'll have it at Worldcon.

Also, just set a group of rings that include a turquoise blue cats eye tourmaline, a crystalline amethyst, and a rock crystal shot with iridescent black rods.

I think that when it's finished my Worldcon collection is going to be exceptional.  Meanwhile I need to take a day or two off from carving wax.  That last work on the cat used up my concentration for a while.

Mood:Post Precise