May 18th, 2012


Gorgeous New Stone

Did the very final jewelry work for Wiscon.  Made a small pair of cat/turquoise studs and a black feathered raven with a ruby eye.

Also a flamboyant necklace with large moonstone beads, vivid sparkling copper glass art deco beads, small amber beads and an art deco snake chain. The elements are very different almost contradictory and they _really_ work. I always love working with my grandmothers beads.  It makes me think of her.

Still need to photograph the two opal pendants that I'm bring to Wiscon for Nancy Cobb

I have some beautiful new stones for Wiscon including this one. It's a rare mixture of chrome diopsite and chrysacolla.

I'm leaving it this size so you can see the interior crystals that are clear in life, but not in a smaller photo. Actual size is 1.5"

Mood: Getting Fuzzy