May 6th, 2012


Finally Back Again And Writing

After Norwescon I spent a few days in Seattle seeing friends and as I said, loving their spring. 

When I came home I _too_ instantly got intensely busy doing the very delicate final work on some waxes I'd been working on for a long time.  And doing the metal work for folks from Norwescon  (ring sizings, chains etc.).  The waxes are done and in silver. Most of the Norwescon work is either out or should be out in the mail this coming week.  I feel like I'm only now coming up for air and writing here again.

New works include a  large brilliant patterned ammonite that I've set as the base of a leafless tree that reflects the pattern in the stone.  The branches have orange sapphire fruit.  I made a woven setting for a stunning black jade with magnesium flowers, different then any black jade I've seen before.

And I've cast two designs for opals.  One is is a textured ribbon setting with three blue opals, the other is a brilliant oval opal set in very asymmetrical lace.  All of the work is in silver. 

I'm still in the process of stone setting. There will be photos, but not until the folks who commissioned them see the jewelry.

I just finished the waxes for five new rings for Wiscon. It's hard to believe I'll be leaving in two and a half weeks.  The stones are golden quartz, a lapis shot with gold, a Peruvian opal, a pearl, and an orange cats eye sunstone.

I'm really happy that Debbie Notkin is a guest of honor at Wiscon.  I've just started getting together a group of photographs of her from Women En Large that will be in the Art Show.  I wanted to do something special for her.

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