March 25th, 2012


New Fan Etc.

I had dim sum with my friend Dawn today and bought the new exhaust fan for polishing.  It should be installed in a couple of weeks and that's exciting.  It finishes my polishing protection, so to speak. Not as exciting as my beautiful red and clear plexi exhaust system but still.

I'm finished working in wax for a while.  I need to start the last of the polishing the work for Norwescon.  The new rings include fossilized dinosaur bone, amethyst (particularly lovely faceting) , moonstone and a large agate that looks in a some what abstract way, like clouds over seas.

I'm still working on the best way to patina bronze black and may have some pieces for Norwescon but I'm not sure yet.  I did manage to locate a source for the some beautiful bronze chain I used years ago.  One of the opal pendants I talked about in my last post is bronze.  It's being stimulating and sometimes fascinating to design with.

Mood:Peaceful  (post yoga)