March 23rd, 2012


Fire Opals, Black Opals, Lightning Ridge Opals

First, the work from Boskone is in the mail.

I've been working on three different pendants with opals - all kinds of opals.  One has a single stone that looks much like a stained glass window, one had 2 fire opals, a boulder opal and several fiery Australian opals, and the last has 3 dark opals with purple blue flashes.

I've been working mostly in a brown microcrystaline wax that is used most often for sculpture.  Sometimes I like it because it has a clay like quality in the early stages of design and can be manipulated by hand.  There will  eventually be photos.

I'm also working on earrings that will be electrum.  It's a mix of silver and gold that is a soft yellow color.  I used it in my work a very long time ago but this is the first new work in it in years.  I'm quite excited about using it again and there will probably be more work in the metal.

My daughter Cid stayed over on Sunday night before leaving for Estonia in the wee hours of them morning.  She's doing choreography there this month sponsored by the US government.  I had a good visit both with her and my daughter Shayin.  I'll be writing more about Cid's performance news soon.

As usual it's late and I'm ending work for the night.