January 11th, 2012


Wedding Bands and Dragonflies

These are the 14kt gold wedding bands I made for Bill Humphries and Cynthia Gonsalves. The stones are amethyst,diamond and peridot. They are very subtly textured with the stone setting harmonizing with the texture. I was excited about giving them to them and managed to forget to photograph them, so the photograph is Cynthia's.

Still working on getting better.  I spent a lot of yesterday carefully painting and repainting and hand polishing the black body of a black and gold dragon fly.  Now it needs the stones (black diamond and peridot) to be set and it's done.  The black work is very subtle and is done with an extremely fine brush.  Yesterday was the first time I felt well enough to do it.  Took about 5 hours to get it where I wanted.

On another note, I just found out that I have 3 photographs on exhibit right now at the National Museum of Art in Osaka.  They are among the photographs they got for their permanent collection when I had my solo show there.

Mood: Hopeful