January 5th, 2012


Belated New Years Wishes

New Years best wishes to every one! 

I got a bug just before the holidays and am now (hopefully) getting over it. So no jewelry has been happening, although I'm expecting (knock wood) to be going back to work really soon. I miss it.  Because of this the work I had planned to mail this week, will go out next.

The photo below is of the green spinel pendant for Carol Berg that I wrote about in my last post.  Actual size is about a half an inch.

I recently got some very interesting black opal that is a mostly true black with little or no color.  It's from an Australian black lightening ridge knobby and is new to me.  There is something very special about it's blackness that I like a lot.  I'm making a pendant for Val Ontell with one of the stones.

Am thinking about a bronze and black lace necklace.