December 19th, 2011


Green Spinel

I just finished a green spinel pendant for Carol Berg.  It's one of the vintage art deco synthetic spinels I work with occasionally.

Authors often get work from me when they finish a book, sign a contract etc.  Sometimes the work represents the book to them and sometimes its simply a piece they love.  They've ranged from polar bears to ravens to abstract landscapes. One of the very earliest pendants I made was a Dragonrider that Betty Balantine gave Anne McCaffrey.  I'll be writing more about work like this in the future

In this case, Carol's new book is The Daemon Prism and she describes it as faceted glass that can fill one's utmost desires.  The green spinel pendant was made for her as a commission.  And I just finished taking a photo of it.  I'll put it up, as usual, after she receives it.

The black coral pendant with the varied stones is finished, and is the Ethiopian opal and black lace is almost finished. They're both going to be part of Bayla Fine's collection and they'll be mailed out to her after the first and there _will_ be photographs.  Usually the black silver photographs more easily.

I've also been working to finish Diane Martin's lapis eyeglass pendant.  It's been, literally, a very delicate balancing act.

Life (obviously) has been very jewelry intense but I'll be taking some time off around the holidays.  I'll be spending time with both my daughters.