November 28th, 2011


Wedding Bands, World Fantasy Rings Etc.

If you got a ring from me at World Fantasy that needed to be sized or a pendant or necklace that needed to be lengthened - its in the insured mail.

I've been polishing some of the work that's been cast.  The tiny leopard looks like it cast very well.  Haven't polished it yet.  Do have the black silver chrisophrase pendant ready to set.  And I've been working on carving a river otter.

Yesterday Bill Humphries and Cynthia Gonsalves came over for tea and to see the waxes of the wedding rings I'm making them.  They're very subtly textured gold bands with soft assymetrical curves.  The kind of small subtle design that needs a lot of time and carving.  Cynthia's band is set with 3 small stones, an amethyst, a diamond and a peridot. The rings harmonize without being the same.  I was very pleased at how well they could see both the design and the textures, since the wax looks a lot like purple crayon.  And it was really good to see them.

Yes, there will be photos of the new work but it's all in various stages of development, none of it is finished yet.  Lost wax is definitely not instant gratification.  A long time ago I made welded bronze jewelry.  It's a completely different experience.  When you get up from the bench it's done.  But lost wax allows me a much deeper and wider range of possibilities.