November 16th, 2011


Tiny Leopard

The leopard is done.  It's about 3/4 of an inch.  I thinks it's the smallest 3 dimensional design I've carved.  (I've done some bas-relief work that small, but that's not as challenging at this point in my work.)  And I figured out the tech of how to place it on the stone. It's all been very delicate work both the carving and the tech (which has to be pretty perfect).  I'll probably look at it for a few more days before I decide to cast it.

It's interesting because I'm also doing work on some much larger animal pendants, so the contrast in scale has been interesting and useful.  I'll write about them when they are more developed.

I am working on a black silver dragon fly with gold wings and a peridot body for Beth Zipser.  We had planned for it to have a cabochon tiger eye head, but when I did the work the tiger eye wasn't right.  So now it will probably have a head with a black diamond in a gold setting and gold balls on the black silver body (as originally planned). But I'm still thinking about choices and a possible deep madiera quartz instead. It's going to involve a fair amount of redesign for the aesthetic of the changes. I just set  black diamond in black silver in another design and I really like the effect.

The black silver lace work for the Ethiopian opal is coming along,  I have the final centerpiece still to do.

And I'm thinking abut bronze designs but I don't think I'll be ready to do them for a while.  It needs more contemplation, not to mention time.

I'm still working with a very very focused intensity.