November 11th, 2011


I'm Back: Coral Reef and Leopard

I'm back from World Fantasy and carving waxes.  Came back with my eyes full of the amazing views on the Big Sur Coast.

I've been carving a  coral reef design that will be black silver with highlights. The center is a turquoise, green and white stone that is chatoyant malachite, chrisocolla and druze grey crystal with a hollow center.  The design includes a black opal fish and a blue tourmaline jelly fish.  Yes there will be a photo.  I promise.

And I'm working, endlessly apparently, on a leopard that's set in a botroidal moss agate cave.  I think I finally have the position right.  The figure is quite small, even by my standards and getting it to set comfortably has been difficult.

And I'm thinking about a delicate black silver lace and brilliant Ethiopian opal necklace.

I'm clearly in intense design mode.

Mood: Focused