October 16th, 2011


Victorian Jet and French Crystal

I finished weaving the pearls into the silver lace work pendants today.  And put pearls and chain on a lovely long pearl set in silver.

Yesterday, I made two necklaces from the antique beads.  One of them includes long faceted jet beads and deco glass beads shot with copper.  The jet is from Victorian mourning jewelry and is at least 120 years old.  I started thinking about their age when I was working with them and it really changed the experience.  (This isn't the first time that's happened.)  The other one is old French crystal, garnets and deco glass beads that look like moonstones with tiny bubbles.

Tonight I'm contemplating a clear moss agate with an exquisite dark green pattern.

Still have more to do but I'm feeling a lot more relaxed about it.

Mood:  Tired and Pleased.