October 15th, 2011


I'm Back

Vacation was excellent.  Among other things had a visit with my daughter Cid in Santa Cruz and we had a chance to catch up.  I'm going back down next Friday to see her work in Looking Left, a low tech festival of dance and performance that she co-presents.  I saw her new work in rehearsal and it really impressed me.

I've finished all the rings for World Fantasy.  And I'll be working on polishing pendants and making necklaces etc.  It's a lot and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, but as usual it will all get done.

I found a piece of carved wood on the beach last month that is flat and carved with leaves (If I've written about this before, excuse me.) It shaped like an open hook.  It's so much in my general style that it's kind of amazing.  I've been looking at it today and thinking about a silver pendant made with it and some stones.

I got a commission for a medieval map sculpture in sterling with semi precious stone islands that is going to be very exciting to make.  I think the texts will be in Hebrew. Eventually I'm going to need someone who can do some translation for me.  I _may_ even try to find someone who could do it in correct period language.

Right now I need to antique and polish some small lace work pendants for World Fantasy.  I got in enough garden time yesterday that I'm not feeling deprived in our (finally) lovely summer weather.

Mood: rather elated (possibly from strong English tea)