September 28th, 2011


Light and Stones

I've set abut half of the rings for World Fantasy.  They include a jade with a stream of rock crystal running through it, a vivid chrysocolla with a flare of carnelian, a lapis, and deco spinels.

And I've finished a pearl pendant with an elongated deep nacre white pearl, and a nebula-like pendant with a deep red tourmaline.

I'm taking some time off (mostly here), so I'm working on getting more things done earlier then I would otherwise.

I've also been working on a pendant for my friend Diane's glasses that requires serious technical delicacy as well as design.

And I've had a revelatory experiencing  about light.  I redid my lighting recently (much needed) and was figuring out what kinds of fluorescents to use.  I still work in incandescent light so this was for everything else. 

The shades on the new lamps are Japanese influenced paper rectangles tinted slightly yellow.  I wanted a white light that would be slightly softened by the color of the shades.  Available to me are three kinds of white bulbs (6500 kelvins, 3500 kelvins and 2500 kelvins).  The number indicates how "cold" the light is among other things.  I thought I wanted a daylight bulb but it turned out to be very "cold" (6500).  I ended up with the 3500 kelvin bulb, warm enough with the shades.

I've always thought of daylight as "warm", so I went outside and looked at the light in shade.  It was indeed very cold.  Sunlight is warm and clearly that has been my sense of daylight.  Since I became aware of this, when I am consciously focussed on them, the colors of the shade world  look very different to me then they did previously.  I suspect the importance of this is my heightened sensibility to light and I think it's going to affect my work in the long term.