September 7th, 2011


Hello I Must Be Staying

I'm back from an excellent Worldcon. Saw lots of people I care about, some from far parts of the world.  Heard lovely things from folks who have my work. Got some marvelous comissions and generally had a good time.

The drive over the mountains was breathtaking.  I had forgotten quite how beautiful the Sierras are.  I hung out the window a lot.  And obviously I didn't fly.  It was very relaxing.  And now except for World Fantasy at the end of October, I'll be home til mid February.  And since I'm driving to World Fantasy in San Diego, more beautiful scenery and no airplanes.  It's not that I don't love to fly, it's all of the TSA complications that make it less than fun. (As I have undoubtedly often said before.)

Anyway.  Here is a photo of a comission for Marsha Jones that I brought to her at Worldcon.  It's a plume agate with marcasite (the green-gold tree-like streaks).  The design is heavily influenced by antique chinese carved jade boulders.

Here's a photo of the pendant. (Actual size is about 2.5") Small stones are cinnamon diamonds and faceted marcasites.