July 28th, 2011


New Work for Worldcon

I've been polishing a lot, and I love my new vacuum set up! And I've been setting a lot of stones for the new pieces.

I have a pendant with a beach glass that is one of a group that Nalo Hopkinson gave me a long time ago. I've been looking at them and thinking about design for a long time. Then recently I got the perfect aquamarine and the perfect turquoise rainbow tourmaline to go with it. That inspired the design.

And I've finished the tropical bird with the pearl body and red tourmaline tail. I'll have both of these pendants at Worldcon.

I've also just finished a commission for David and Pierce Ludke. It's a black ammonite emerging from a fossilized shell with an emerald eye. It's holding an Ethiopian opal. I just need to add slight silver highlights.

I'm hoping take photos of the new work this weekend. It's been unsurprisingly dense.

Also talked to my lapidary about some white stone displays for the new black silver and yellow gold pendants. They get lost on the black velvet. My experiment with white wool at Wiscon was rather electrifyingly unsuccessful.