July 13th, 2011


My Hand is Fine Now

Saturday I somehow did something to a tendon in my right wrist.  I immediately called my body worker and he gave me an appt for Monday.  And then with a few manipulations he fixed it.  I wasn't too upset on Saturday because it felt like something very fixable but I definitely refrained from doing anything to aggravate it. I worked in wax becasue that's all delicate motions.

So all of the final polishing I had planned to do on the Wiscon work and the Butler owls on Sunday  didn't happen. I didn't finish it Sunday and make the millions of packages on Monday.  But I have only two ring stones left to set tonight.  Everything else is now done.  I'll be making the packages over the next couple of days and everything  will ( hopefully) be in the mail by Monday.

I don't  treat my hands like a concert pianist but maybe I should.