July 7th, 2011


More and More Metal

I've been working on the metal work from Wiscon while I've been doing the waxes.  Today I spent completely working in metal.  I have a new saw.  It's a new and differently designed jewelry saw and is different from the one I've been using forever.  That one has been needing to be replaced for a long time but I get very attached to tools.

Anyway, probably needless to say, the new saw made everything take longer until I figured it out and changed some work patterns.

Almost everything is coming along really well with the usual couple of things that turn out to be more complex then expected.  Most of it should be going out next week unless the unexpected happens.

I'm also finishing up the owls for the Octavia Butler Scholarships that are presented in July.  They are given to the winners every year.  They're owl pendants in a design that I originally did years ago for Octavia.

It's being very busy.