July 3rd, 2011


Late Night Design

Vacation was lovely.  Reentry was a little hard.  I've been doing intense wax carving lately and keep quitting with too little brain power to journal.

I just did that again  tonight but I'm writing anyway.  I think I'll be working like this for a while and I do want to journal about it.

I'm working on the ammonite commission I talked about earlier.  The top of the shell is fossilized as it looked 100 million years ago...quite amazing.  It's a rainbow tinted coil.  The back is attractively brown calcified fossil.  The ammonite itself will be dark silver with an emerald eye holding a vivid Ethiopian opal. It looks great in purple carving wax.  It's fairly realistic, but the ends of the tentacle have a balanced harmony of coil that changes it to a simultaneously more stylized design.

I'm also working with a large beautiful golden agate shot with translucent white, and with marcasite inclusions that are almost tree like.  The setting design is inspired by Chinese jade mountain carvings that I've always loved.  Jade mountain is below.  I've been working on the very complex layered feeling in bas-relief

Other then that, I'm contemplating a pearl bird with a tear drop tourmaline tail.

Good Night.  Have a great 4th!

Mood: Fulfilled and Tired