June 9th, 2011


Stones and More Stones

I'm back at work for a couple of days doing the usual post-show reentry work.

High point has been getting a group of new stones for rings.  Also possibly for pendants.  I got some beautiful small tear drop clear green tourmalines that I initially intended for rings but are starting to feel like pendants.  And the first green sephranites that are small enough for rings.

I've been looking at a long narrow piece of black,brown and grey jasper and thinking about designing with with small black diamonds.  And there is a fossilized pyrited ammonite with black crystals that is looking fascinating right now.  Black is definitley beginning to feel like a theme.

I'm planning a group of new designs for Worldcon which is feeling closer then it should right now.  Thinking about new pieces with texts.

Mood: Spacey and a Little Overwhelmed