May 18th, 2011


Tigers, Opals, Sterling and Fiber

I've finished the new rings for Wiscon and also another Japanese "memory" tiger.   gerisullivan , a long time ago, gave me a small catalogue of an exhibtion in a museum of prints of Japanese tigers.  Since tigers became extinct a very long time ago in Japan, the artists concepts were not necessarily very well related to what real tigers look like.  The gift inspired me to do this tiger design.  My tiger is closely related to real tigers but has a "memory" of tigers quality.

The photo below is the pendant I was talking about in the Silver and Silk post.  The stones are black opals and the fiber is lavender silk ribbon and woven rayon cord.  Both are Japanese.  It was made for the collection of Nancy Cobb.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her at Wiscon.  It's the very first time I've ever worked with fiber and I'm defintely planning to more work in this feeling.

I just got off the phone with the translator for the Japanese panel on Tokon 2 at Wiscon. 

From Wiscon programming:

TOKON is a Japanese national convention. At TOKON 10, for the first time, the Chair, Manami Tachibana (Madame Robot), and many of the committee were women. Many of the women involved are regular WisCon attendees, and feel that their participation here had a significant effect.
Come hear them discuss TOKON and their involvement.

I'm very excited about it.

For once I'm not writing last thing of the day, so I'm going back to working on a veracite with beautiful black patterns and tiny blue diamond.  It's going to be a dryad and trees.  A very delicate design in black silver.