May 12th, 2011


Ammonites and Black Lace

To continue about Norwescon,  I got two fascinating commissions. The first, for David and Pierce Ludke is with an ammonite shell and Ethiopian opal. The shell is an actual ammonite shell that is only fossilized on the back. The iridescent colors are the ones (as I understand it) that are the same as they were 100 million years ago.  Except for the center of the shell, that's a grey clayish circle. I'm setting a small round opal in that center with colors that will be vivid and work well with the shell.The design will be a silver ammonite coming out the shell with long tentacles and an emerald eye. The tentacles will be holding a stunningly vivid Ethiopian opal and possible a few very small sapphires or diamonds(color to be decided.

Kathleen Seligman picked out a dark brown and black mahogany obsidian with a marvelous gold illumination. The design I'm carving will be blackened geometric silver lace to both compliment and contrast with the stone.

The picture is of the first Ammonite pendant I did a couple of years ago.  The new commission will be the second one. This shell is fossilized and replaced.  The eye is a ruby and the pearls are fresh water.


I'm leaving again for Wiscon in two weeks.  I'll be bringing the new silver lace group of designs that the new geometric black lace commission belongs to.

Really looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Mood: Anticipatory