April 7th, 2011


Silver and Silk

I've been working practically forever (about 10 months which is small sculpture time) on a pendant for Nancy Cobb with two dark opals set in silver and and woven with fine silk ribbon and cord.

I spent hours looking a different materials and finally settled on a very narrow lavender ribbon and a soft turquoise woven fine cord. (Material colors obviously reflect the opals.) It took lots of thinking time to figure out the design. Then when I made the wax, (several versions before I got it right),  I had to cast it and finish the piece before I could figure out the fabric weave.  I tried working with the wax but it was way too fragile for experimentation.

Anyway It all came together last night.  The pendant is woven with the cord and ribbon and it all really works!! There is a completely differently quality to the materials that is very exciting to work with.

I had a consultation with my fabricator today about how to attach the ends of the woven ribbon and thread to the silver pendant with very narrow rounded silver clips that I think will work very well.  I'll definitely be doing more work like this in the future.

I will photograph it before I send it to her and put it up here.