April 1st, 2011


Hammering etc.

All the rings cast well as did the setting for the antique cameo.  (I just ordered the gold wire to intertwine in the silver lace with pearls.)  I've been looking at the ring stones. They should be set in another couple of days.

Today I was removing the sprues from the rings with careful sawing.  I'll polish them in part tomorrow.  And I made some hammered silver links for a silver and patchwork pearl necklace.  I've been working very late for the last two week, but hopefully will be ending earlier and therefore journaling more.  I usually write when my day is over, but when it's really late, the writing doesn't happen.  Also a lot of concern for friends in Japan has been taking time.

My pearl winged dragon fly has been progressing really well in wax and will hopefully be finished for Norwescon.

We've had 3 days of glorious summer weather.  Tomorrow it goes away.  A small late blooming cherry tree gave me a chance to study the blossoms closely.  I think I'll be doing something with cherry blossoms fairly soon.  The tree was covered with light pink flowers.

I was given a bunch of lilacs and I'm looking at them now..  They are not local flowers, usually we get them very briefly for sale in the spring.  They always remind me of where I grew up in New York.  There they grew profusely in the spring.

On another note.  Body Impolitic has been down since late Wednesday night.   Our web guy is working on it and (hopefully) we should be back up soon.