March 21st, 2011


Making Lace

I've been working in wax a lot and being very narrowly focused.  But I've picked my head up a bit more today and hopefully will from here.

I've been carving silver lace.   Very delicate pieces that I'll then weave wire through to make an even more delicate lace effect.  I've designed two pair of earrings and a pendant and I'm working on a lace winged dragon.

Also working on a setting for an antique cameo where the lace will be woven with tiny pearls.

It's unusual for me to do a series of pieces like this.  They're taking a lot of concentrating and  a lot waiting and then redesigning.  The dragon is still very much in process.  The balances are extremly subtle, sometimes very minute changes are important.  I'm hoping to also make a pair of lace dragon earrings.  Right now I'm loving doing the lace.  I'm hoping that energy will hold out through the dragon earrings.

It's been raining often these past days. and and somehow that goes with making lace.

If you got a ring from me at Boskone that needed sizing, they're done and will be in the mail this week.

All the lace work will hopefully be at Norwescon in April. Lace work, rain. Seattle, it seems appropriate.