February 10th, 2011



OK all the jewelry for Boskone is finished.  I'd expected to post more this week but I got very narrowly focused on getting things done. 

Lost wax jewelry is finished, polished and set.  I made one bead necklace with large moonstones, vintage Chinese beads and narrow art iridescent deco tubes.  I really like it.  Also I finished some new gear work pieces.  One had a large steel watch part with a couple of moving gears.

I got some amazing lowland  Ethiopian opals from my lapidary to bring with me..  They look like liquid rainbows.  I'm excited about working with them.

And I get to bring my friend  Marsha her ring, a chatoyant dendritic malachite with a diamond flecked waterfall.  And I'll be bringing the black persimmon ( dark antiqued silver and rubies) pendant for Bayla as well, so I'll be able to finally put up the photo of it when I return.  The malachite is pretty much unphotographable.

This is a stunning boulder opal I set for the collection of Val Ontell. She bought it in Australlia. The setting is subtlety textured to compliment the stone.  Actual size is about 1".

Oh and the onions I planted are being mildly dug up by what I suspect are squirrels.

Mood: Done