February 5th, 2011


Lovely Day

I'm almost uncomfortable writing this, given what the weather has been like in most of the country.

I had planned to do a lot of metal work today.  I'm done with carving for a bit and I have Boskone coming and a lot to do. But it was a perfect day so I ended up gardening, taking a walk and looking at the sunset..

Tonight I did the pre-polishing prep on 5 new pieces.  They include a set of textured wedding rings for a friend who's getting married, and an opal pendant textured and carved to set off a beautiful opal that has lived a bit, and been textured some by use.  Also my first argentium silver pendant. It's designed for a tear drop shaped yellow opal with a fine flash and interesting inclusions. (More about argentium silver later. after it's polished.) Finally the "eye of the blackbird" pendant, where the stone is a bird's eye shaped ammonite with brilliant eye-like red and green flashes.

I'm planning a hammered silver necklace with a mixture of very unmatching pearls.  Just bought a new anvil and hammer yesterday.

Tomorrow I'm going to do lots of metal work and also plant onions.

Mood: relaxed