January 18th, 2011


Druze Malachite, Sunstone and Moss

I've been working more on 2 different rings today.  A cabochon sunstone  (rose with a touch of red and a metallic flash) and a druze malachite for Marsha Jones, who commissioned the druzy chatoyant malachite pendant.  The one with the Chinese landscape setting that has the waterfall set with small diamonds..

They're both progressing very well.  The sunstone setting is simple but has a delicate balance that's taking time to get right..

The malachite ring design has a finely carved fragile pine tree wrapping one side.

I'll be working on them more tomorrow.

We've had lovely weather and I've been doing yard work.  The rains have brought lots of delicate moss, not to mention weeds. There is moss covered rock that's growing very fine muchrooms and feels like it might become inspiration for a pendant.

Mood: Pleased