January 9th, 2011


Pomegranate, Boulder Opal and Picture Agate

I just finished 3 pendants.  The black pomegranate with ruby seeds, a boulder opal, and a picture agate.

I've been writing about the pomegranate and it looks perfect with the rubies set.  It was inspired by a poem and is the first piece I've made that includes lines of text. I'll print the poem when I put up a photo. I've done some experimental photos and I'll need a high wattage photography bulb to shoot it . 

The boulder is a beautiful stone that I've set simply to harmonize the the stone's patterns.  The picture agate looks like mountains in one view, a face from another, and forests on the back.  I've made a pendant  that it can be worn with all 3 views.  I'm pretty happy.  I was an interesting design challenge.

I was hoping to get some adequate photos tonight but no, they all need more work.  I'm going to get the new bulbs and then shoot them.

I'm starting to work on some new designs and meditating a lot on text.

It's late.  I'm going to have some chicken soup that been simmering all evening and quit for the night.

Mood: Delighted