October 1st, 2010


Regency Rose

Here is the regency rose jasper and boulder opal set with cala lilys and rose gold beads that I've been writing about.  (Double click for the enlarged version to see the details) I'm sure that it's arrived at at it's home by now so I can put up the image.  Actual size is about 3".  For those that read her, I think the stone has a distinctly Heyerish quality.  Pendant is in the collection of Beth Zipser.

I've been working a on a lot of gear work flower pieces.  I just finished the last ones.  I did figure out how to do Granny Weatherwax's broomstick right.  Hopefully I'll have a good photo by the beginning of the week.  Also just finished a silver nebula that weaves across a rainbow fluorite

It's been very dense lately and everything seems to be getting done. Bouchercon is only a couple of weeks away.