September 26th, 2010


Treasures and Grandmothers.

This place is a treasure chest sometimes.  I was looking through some stones and found a beautiful small emerald that I've had for years and wasn't in my consciousness and elsewhere some silver I can use.  I've lived here along time and things sometimes get stashed.

My grandmother had a jewelry store in Greenwich Villager (as I've talked about),  Her apartment (3 doors down on Christopher St - near Stonewall) was spotless. Like many of her generation you could perform brain surgery on her kitchen floor.  Her shop had a big messy table behind the counters with beads and materials available, but certainly not tidy.

The home part of where I live is reasonably straight.  The work part is more like my grandmother and sometimes they overlap.  I need a reasonable amount of tidyness to be able to work and think clearly.  But right now, I have a work table set up that looks a lot like my grandmothers.  One of the pliers on it belonged to her.  It's not in great shape but I still use it.

And I need a lot of visual feedback when I'm designing and I suspect that so did she.

The polishing is mostly finished.  Hurray!!  Still have lots of stone setting and putting things together and various kinds of design work to do.

Mood: Reminiscent