September 9th, 2010


Making Photos

Worked on photographing three commissions that I've been writing about.  Images will go up as soon as the people who commissioned them receive them. As you know, I never put photos up until the people I've made them for have them in their hands.

The opal and regency rose jasper, art nouveau inspired pendant with rose gold balls - got an excellent photo.

Carved antique Chinese jade in 14kt ring - also got a very good image.

Found rock cut for engagement ring in sterling - frustrating.   I made a beautiful ring and it's unphotographable by me in reasonable time. 

Then I did a quick shot of some of the ring stones I've been talking about.  It's only just on the right side of OK, but it's late and I'm photographically done for the evening.

Here it is.  It includes, amethyst crystal, bloodstone, green sephranite, pearl, malachite, blue tourmaline, larimar, red tourmaline, blue peruvian opal, and chariote. I love the sound of these sound of these stone names.  As usual please click to see in image in larger size.

Mood: Pleased and frustrated.