July 19th, 2010


Gear Work Day

I'm waiting for a new modem in the Fed Ex and using PPoE which frequently lasts all of 3 minutes before going down.  i have photos I want to post but they'll have to wait until I have ethernet.

All of the work for the Nasfic is either cast or ready to cast.  I've been working on new gear work pieces.  I found some welded bronze links that I made years ago just before I gave up the torch. I used them with some antique beads and gears to make a necklace I'm really happy with.  It felt good to be working briefly with the old welded bronze..  My friend Kurt disemboweled some clocks and sent me some excellent parts.

Also, just made a necklace from Tibetan beads from the 1960's (from the original Zen Center in SF) with some large moonstone beads (rather creamy looking) and some deco teal glass beads.  When I work with beads I always think if my grandmother.  She had a shop in Greenwich Village and made jewelry from antique beads.  Many of the same beads I work with now.

It's been a good day. Followed, of course, by yoga.

Tomorrow I start the second round of lots and lots of polishing.

Mood: Pre show