July 9th, 2010


An Astronomical Night

I'm not quite sure what's going on.  I'm _still_ working on designs for nebulas in wax.  These are with boulder opal and fire agate. (The appropriate plural is nebulae but that doesn't feel right.)   I've even been working on a nebula Peruvian opal ring.

I can't remember working quite this intensely on a theme this way before.  Probably I have, but not in recent memory.

My first group of pieces cast beautifully.  I still hold my breath a bit til I see them.  There were 2 delicate gold  pendants, one with a mauve pearl and one with an orange sapphire that I was the most concerned about.  But they look great.

I have a faceted green amethyst and a lovely amethyst crystal piece laid out to think about for rings. 

My cat Vilda, who usually gets what she wants within reason, is sulking because I haven't been willing to stop carving and pet her.

I'm stopping now.  I'm burned out, at least for tonight and food is looking good.

Mood :Starry