June 22nd, 2010


Thinking about New Work

I'm finally getting back to making jewelry.  I had the dentist appt from hell and it impacted my back so I've been staying away from the bench but as of Friday that's over.  It was staring to get frustrating.

I did print  my In-Camera prints on a new paper.  Because these are small (5" largest dimension) prints on 8.5 by 11 paper, the choice of paper is important in two ways, not only for the print but also for the space around it.  The new paper (Epson Premium photo Semi Gloss) is OK but not wonderful.  I think it;s going to take quite a while and a lot of different paper tests to make a final choice.  When I did Women En Large, it took forever to find the right paper.

The first pendant I'll be working on is an art nouveau influenced calla lily design in sterling with touches of rose gold.  I'm thinking about doing more rose gold work in general.  The stones are regency rose (isn't that a wonderful name) and a boulder opal. Both my diacritic glass pendant with diamonds and the kuroite opal that looked like roses were hand painted on it found homes at Wiscon.  That means I can set another of each of them.  Although of course they look quite different from the ones that were in the pendants at Wiscon. I'm looking forward to it.

My Body Impolitic post on the deadly virus crystal sculptures and axes of beauty and fear is here.