June 18th, 2010


Kyanite, Wiscon Panels and Viruses

So, I'm more or less back and together. Wiscon was amazing, both of my Wiscon panels went really well.

The arts panel spawned so much intense subject matter, thanks to Mary Anne and Elise, that I'm thinking about moving the conversation to laurie opal. We discussed this at the panel and I'm going to talk to elisem about how to do it. When it's set up I'll listing all of the conversation topics we came up with that were relevant to the conversation.

Since I've been home, I got a group of gorgeous stones for rings. My rings have been flying away and it was definitely time. I'm going to photograph a group of them. They include kyanite (new to me soft blue with intense fibrous silver flashes) charoite (purple and chatoyant) deep blue lapis with gold streaks and some amazing tourmaline slices.; I'll be making some of them for the NASFIC.

Luke Jemmar has made glass sculptures of deadly viruses. I'll be posting soon about the intersections of beauty, fear, and information in art on Body Impolitic.