May 21st, 2010


Back and Rested

I'm back from Hawaii having had a really restorative time.  I'm leaving for Wiscon (the world feminist science fiction convention) next week and am excited about going.  I'm on two panels that are really interesting and I'll write more about them tomorrow.

Right now, I'm doing final prep for Wiscon and not making jewelry, but  thinking about it.

I'm going to the national mystery writing convention Bouchercon here in San Francisco this fall, and need to think of some new mystery related designs that fit my aesthetic and would be a pleasure to make.  I currently make as pendants, a Poe raven, a Nero Wolf orchid,  a delicate 19th century syringe for Sherlock Holmes and a small finely carved herring set with a very red ruby for Dorothy L. Sayers.   I think I may do a flower/herb design from Susan Wittig Alpert's China Bayles books.

Eric Flint is the guest of honor at the NasFic this summer.  As folks who read me know, I made the iconic sheep Brillo from his alternate history 1632 series last year.   The series  on the whole doesn't lend itself to iconic images that suit my work, so I haven't come up with a new design yet. 

Any suggestions or thoughts on pendants about either of these this would be much appreciated.  If someone comes up with a design suggestion  that  works for me, I'll give them one of the finished designs. 

Mood: Rested