March 26th, 2010


Platypus Hurray!

The silver platypus sculpture I've been working on forever is finished!!!   It has a boulder opal beak, dark sapphire eyes and a water weed with rubies and diamonds.  It's lying  on a curved mahogany obsidian base with a back leg slightly raised.  There will definitely be photos.

I'm just finishing up the jewelry for Norwescon, including the magnificent handmade glass piece with the amazing purple glows. I set it in a  black background and set two small diamonds in the black.

I've been too work overwhelmed to post much lately but work sanity seems to be coming.  Sanity was not helped by 2 falls last week (I'm fine) one from a broken hammock rope and one from a breaking banister in my loft.

I'm hoping to finish the jewelery tomorrow.  Then there's the rest of the prep and hopefully some time to start dealing with preparation for my post convention trip to Estonia etc.

Weather has been glorious and the quince, plum trees and wild flowers in my garden are in full bloom.