March 13th, 2010


Frogs, Nebulas and Pearls

I've been carving in wax a lot, and I have a wax bench backache that I need to loosen up with some yoga.

I've been working on an astronomical with a soldalite and a ragged shaped black opal.  I looked at nebula photos but none of them really suited the stones.  So, I made a imagined nebula from out beyond the Milky Way.  I liked being able to create my own nebula without careful reference for a change, but the piece was influenced by the Merope Reflection.

And I have a lovely little frog carving with touches of fire agate color that needed to be a ring to reflect properly.  I gave it a subtle lily pad.

I'm currently contemplating 2 antique salt water natural pearls.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but they're definitely in my consciousness.

I'm exhibiting at  Norwescon over Easter weekend.   I have a lot of folks in Seattle I'm looking forward to seeing.  I usually come with some visiting time but right now my dance card is too full.  I'll just be there for the convention.

Mood: Satisfied and Needing Yoga