March 7th, 2010


New In-Camera Project Images

I've been working  a lot in wax this weekend.  I'll be posting about it tomorrow, but tonight I wanted to put up the new photos.

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I was thinking about memory today.  Mine is pretty non-linear.  Rather like the medieval christian god's view of time, i.e. it's all happening in one total timeless view.   My memories tend to be small vivid flashes unless I"m consciously trying to remember something.  Then they can be far more complex, detailed and linear (if needed).

The In-Camera Project images are somewhat reflective of my memory in their vividness and their size.  This doesn't necessarily mean there is a connection, but it's interesting to think about.  In the early stages of a project there are always different threads to follow, and often it turns out that they weave together.

Please click on the image for correct size

This is a stained glass window that looks out on my garden.


This is a view of the quince bush in the garden.