February 1st, 2010


Luo Ping, Cherry blossoms and Gears

I'm back from Arisia and feeling good..

Sorry for the longer then usual hiatus.  Since I'm leaving again for Boskone in 8 days, I needed some down time where I wasn't thinking or writing about my work.  There are lots of things i love about my work but it's not relaxing.

I wrote earlier about a cherry blossom pendant that was inspired by Luo Pings work

I wasn't able to put up  a photo the pendant that his images inspired until my friend Bayla (who commissioned it) had seen it.

It took  a very long time to carve.  Requiring a lot of very precise work.

The piece is silver, marcasite, steel and bronze watch parts, and rubies.  Please click on the image to see the larger version.  This one is less then half actual size.  I would love to have posted this bigger but when I do the quality suffers..  I feel like I've forgotten something about posting images tonight.. 

Mood: fine but a bit frustrated by image size.