January 5th, 2010


Hardware and Basic Black

I  found some really small stainless steel metric parts for the steam punk work today.  I have a hardware store in my neighborhood  that's in the  really old style.  It's  filled with boxes of things, used tools, lots and lots of stuff.  Nothing in plastic packaging.   You can buy one screw if that's what you need.  They had a small box on a high shelf with some of these tiny parts.  I bought all of them.

I've shown them some of the steam punk work and they like it and have been very helpful.  The owner is in his eighties.  There are boxes  there with serious history and a back room that interesting things emerge from occasionally.

Today I worked on the new black pieces.  After I antiqued them, I hand polished them with rouge so that some glimmers of silver show and the black is polished.

Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to take a few photos to put up here.  I have an ammonite fossil that I really want to show off.